Class Reunions are a highlight of every class series! Couples reconnect, meet the babies, share birth stories and encourage one another in the joys and challenges of becoming new parents.

Testimonials~ What are people saying about Birth Boot Camp Classes?

“The class gave us insight into how to prepare for delivery, what to expect during labor and shared lots of tips on how to make the whole process easy and tolerable. After taking her classes we felt very confident going to the hospital with our own birth plan and were able to deliver a baby completely naturally. We would highly recommend Valerie’s class to any pregnant woman who wants to prepare for her baby’s arrival, especially if you are planning to have a natural birth.”
-Nikolett & Mike, first-time parents

“Thank you for leading us on this journey. It will make all the difference in the world during labor. I believe I can do natural childbirth because of this class.”
-Kendra, first-time mom

“I personally feel prepared knowing all the different comfort measures, how to address situations in the hospital, and how to support my wife in all the different stages of labor.”
-Eder, first-time dad

“Valerie’s Birth Boot Camp class was a godsend for us as nervous, soon-to-be first time parents. We knew little about birth and feared much the idea of natural birth before Valerie’s class, but as we found support in our classmates and each other as partners, and as we learned about how to physically prepare for birth, natural birth became more and more an attainable goal. When our son was born, I felt like all the prep work was worth it.  We are very thankful for Valerie who helped us have an amazing natural birth experience, and for facilitating friendships with other new parents along the way!”
– Joe & Joann K., first-time parents

“I would definitely recommend this class to others! I feel like the 10-week set-up let you think about things you had learned and allowed you to come back with questions. It was nice to focus on one topic, rather than trying to remember a bunch of information from one long class. Also, I felt like the class was a safe space to ask questions.”
-Luisa, first-time mom

“We came into class slightly skeptical of natural birth, but wanting more information than a hospital class could provide and left with more information than we’d even hoped for and a new perspective.”
-Cammi, first-time mom

“I felt very prepared for our birth, even though it didn’t go exactly as planned. Valerie did an awesome job and made us feel so comfortable. Thank you!”
-Tracey, first-time mom

“The class was a great gateway to finding more information and strategies for birth- Valerie is a very good, informative and clear instructor who excels at making necessary information easy to remember.”
-Dylan, first-time dad

“Thanks to the thorough education we received, we knew exactly what the process would entail and what interventions we did and did not want. My husband knew how to support me, and I knew what to do to manage the pain…. In the end, I was able to make it through without any pain medication. I had an amazing, empowering, beautiful birth, and I credit Valerie and Birth Boot Camp for that!”
-Serena & Anthony, first-time parents

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Professional Testimonials~

Dr. William and Martha Sears

“Birth Boot Camp truly does empower couples to get the birth that is right for mother and baby. This course equips you to both prevent common health problems during pregnancy, and if they do occur, how to complement natural home remedies with medical treatment. Birth Boot Camp prepares a laboring mom to recognize her unique internal signals of the hormonal symphony playing inside her body to grow and birth a little human being. You will also learn how to work with your birth-care provider to have a satisfying birth and a healthy mother and baby. We are pleased to recommend Birth Boot Camp.”

~William and Martha Sears, Authors of The Healthy Pregnancy Book.

Jill Arnold, The Unnecesarean and CesareanRates.com

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