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REBOOT Refresher Birth Class

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In addition to my 6-week natural birth classes (which are open to anyone, no matter how many times you’ve given birth), I also offer a 3-hour Reboot Refresher Class for second (+) time parents who have already had a natural birth OR have taken a birth class.

Birth Boot Camp Refresher Class is the perfect opportunity to set aside time together as a couple to prepare for your upcoming birth. Every birth is different, and every birth matters. Process your previous birth(s), refresh your memory on what you already know, learn new skills and coping techniques, and gain new information to be even better prepared and equipped for your upcoming birth. Feel free to bring dinner and make it a date night! Dessert is provided.

Refresher Class fee is $65 and is held at Bella Vie Gentle Birth Center. Refresher Classes are open to anyone, no matter where you plan to give birth, including those planning a hospital delivery. Private in-home classes are offered for an additional fee. Contact me to schedule a private class.

Upcoming 2017- 2018 Refresher Classes

Saturday, February 3rd, 5-8 p.m.

Contact me to reserve your space for the next Refresher Class today!

What are people saying about the Reboot Refresher Class?

“Valerie is an informed, attentive, caring, knowledgeable teacher. She tailored our Refresher Class perfectly for us, empowering us to go into the birth of our second child with confidence!” -Becca & Dave B.

“It was helpful to be reminded what birth was going to be like, to share my previous story, to recap what worked and what didn’t work with my partner. I liked being reminded of comfort measures. I had forgotten which ones I liked and which ones didn’t work well before. I also liked that my husband took notes this time to be posted in our house during labor! I was really glad for the Refresher Class. I was able to access a calmer space in labor and felt more relaxed during active labor and pushing.”  -Anne & Eric L.

“Valerie’s Refresher Class was just what I needed!  She reminded me of the incredible power and strength of the female body and gave me new strategies to try in the delivery room.  She told me exactly what I needed to hear and made me feel prepared and excited about delivering my second child.  She also made herself available via email to answer any lingering questions I had leading up to my due date.  Thankfully, I labored for only 6 hours with baby number 2, and throughout all of those six hours, I had Valerie’s voice in my head telling me I can do this.  I would highly recommend Valerie’s Refresher Class to any second-time mom (or dad)!” – Emily V.


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